Colombia, one of the most important countries in coffee production, thanks to its climatic conditions and being a country of contrast where the geographical location of each coffee region establishes particular conditions of water availability, temperature, solar emission, wind and rain conditions allow fresh coffee to be harvested for much of the year.

Coffee in the national territory is grown on different slopes of the three branches of the Andes Mountain Range and the Sierra Nevada that run throughout the country from the North Coast of the country to the border with Ecuador in the south, however, It can be counted on an approximate area of 850,000 and 900,000 where coffee is grown and harvested.

The central regions of the country produce the bulk of the coffee for commercialization; the areas considered as the coffee axis, that is, the departments of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda and the north of the valley make up the coffee cultural landscape.

The hard work involved in bringing a high quality product contributes to the importance of understanding all the processes involved in the production of the differentiating coffee that identifies a forged coffee with beliefs; Given its structure, size, texture, collection method and post-harvest, which is carried out by the producers themselves, they allow Colombian coffee to acquire its own and outstanding identity.

Another of the key components of coffee is the human factor, Thanks to the participation of human capital, a culture has developed around coffee that consists of participation, according to Café de Colombia affirmations “that there are at least five hundred thousand (500,000) families who love and respect coffee in addition to being characterized by being themselves who tend to their crops”.

The differentiating factor of Colombian coffee is in its quality and the balance between its attributes; the coffee of our region differs for being a drink with a clean cup, acidity and medium or high body, marked and full aroma.


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